Keynote Speaking

Karin Ulik is a popular speaker who is dedicated to helping time-crunched families get off life's hamster wheel, gain clarity in our noisy world and create the lives they truly want to live. 

Her interactive, educational programs teach busy adults how to live an easier, more fulfilling life. And we all know, happiness and fulfillment in life leads to better productivity and engagement in the workplace.

Karin uses her life experience and expertise to empower and connect with both adult and teen audiences. She's spoken before groups as small as 20 and as large as 2000. Your group will be inspired by her energy and ability to empathetically connect with their needs and concerns.


keynote for corporate parents

For Parents of Teens & Tweens

The only thing harder than being a teen is being the parent of a teen! 

Guilt, anger and worry can be constant companions to both teens and their parents!

This keynote focuses on the three key steps to helping your teen prepare for life after high school.

speaker for teen audiences

For Adults Seeking Lifestyle Freedom

Who doesn't want off of life's hamster wheel? Most adults imagine a life that's easier and more fulfilling. But how to get from where they are to where they want to be isn't always an obvious path.

This keynote answers the three key questions around how to create lifestyle freedom that are on the minds of busy adults!  

parenting keynote

Customized Presentations

Karin is happy to customize a presentation or workshop for your group. Popular topics include:

-Raising empowered and conscious kids

-How to create the future you truly want

-Learning to succeed on your terms

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