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Congratulations on completing Phase 1 of Rise+Prosper! You spent the time and energy beginning to transform your approach to life by challenging your limiting beliefs, examining your life vision and marrying it with financial intelligence. Now it's time to finish what you started by building a detailed money plan, fully integrating it with your life plan and creating the habits that will help you overcome life's obstacles and take you where you want to go.

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Here's what you get:

  • 8 self-guided learning modules
  • Live group coaching sessions
  • 1-1 coaching within program site
  • Tools, templates and resources to support your personal growth
  • Extended access to Phase 1, including live coaching calls

Here's a peek at what you'll do...

Fully Integrate Your Life Vision

You have a vision for your perfect life. In order to ensure you're fully aligned, you'll do a deep dive into each of the 4 Facets of Life.

4 facets of life

goals and plans

Map Your Detailed Investing Plan

You'll learn more about how to determine the specific elements and actions that belong in your investing plan based on your personal situation and goals – and around a constantly fluctuating market – so you can stay on track.

goal setting

Discover Your Personal Best System

Building a plan is the first step to creating harmony in life. But to stay balanced, you'll need an execution system with personalized tools and habits that work seamlessly through life's ups-and-downs! Hint: it's not a one-size fits all approach!

how to reach your dreams

Bring It All Together and Execute

Nervous about whether you can really get where you want to go? Continuing to work on what you started is the answer. After all, nothing changes if nothing changes. Phase 2 of Rise+Prosper offers the right mix of the structure, accountability, motivation and support you need to keep moving forward into permanent change.

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Here's the truth: 95% can't sustain what they start. Rise+Prosper Phase 1 helped you begin your transition to life freedom. Phase 2 will help you reach the full transformation you crave!

Value $1500

Your Investment: $1200 (for a limited time)*


*$1200 is for payment in full, payment plan also available