Pursuing Big Dreams?

Rise+Prosper Lifestyle is the practical application of the work you did in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

If you want continuous personal development, ongoing accountability and the support of a like-minded tribe to get where you want to go, Rise+Prosper Phase 3 is just what you need.

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WHY Rise+Prosper Lifestyle?

Everyone is in different places on life's journey. Whether you’re still developing your life's vision or well on your way to reaching it, Rise+Prosper Lifestyle is for you.

The program's exclusive content begins where Rise+Prosper Phase 2 wraps up and builds on what you started so you go further, feel more competent and increase your confidence.  And that helps you to be more consistent in moving forward towards your ultimate life vision.

Best of all, Rise+Prosper Lifestyle is a program that you can do any time, anywhere, around your personal schedule. The content is built for those with full lives, centers around your personal best practices and helps you maintain accountability and alignment.

Results You Can Expect

  • Consistent progress toward your vision and milestones
  • Ongoing alignment and a more balanced rhythm of life
  • Elimination of energy-drains and time-wasters
  • More empowered action as you continue to understand and eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Development of positive behaviors and life-changing habits
  • Evolution of your Life On Track plan
  • Mastery of your Personal Best Practices
  • Level up your investing plan
  • Increased confidence in your personal vision and your ability to achieve it

Ready to live your vision ?

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Our Tribe Loves Us

"Thank you so much for all your feedback. 🎉 This program and your input is incredible. I am so excited to keep going with you."

Jen, BC, Can

How It Works

The program includes the following Core Program Elements delivered in 12 monthly installments:

  • A learning concept focused on one of the 4 Facets to help you build on what you learned in the first 2 phases
  • An action guide to help you use what you’re learning, execute on your Life on Track Life Plan and more fully utilize your Personal Best Practices
  • Tools to support the month's topic, such as planning exercises, worksheets, prompts and personal assessments
  • Personal feedback and accountability
  • Live Group Coaching + Q&A Calls

2 Ways To Pay

Your investment includes 12 months of the Rise+Prosper Lifestyle program

Pay In Full:

12 months for less than $3.30/day!

Or, Choose a Payment Plan:

12 months divided into 4 payments!

*details on check out page!

A's for your Q's

What are some of the monthly concepts that will be covered?

We'll be covering concepts that help you become the best version of yourself as well as concepts that help you gain financial intelligence. The core idea is to train your mind and help you to cultivate the ability to live the your ideal vision for your life.

Some of the concepts may include life: habit building, setting boundaries, productivity, time management and focus, maintaining priorities, problem solving, a deeper dive into the 7 income streams, tax savings 101, examining your investing plan, just to name a few.

We'll also take ideas for topics from the group.

How will I get individual coaching?

Just as with Phases 1 & 2 of Rise+Prosper, you'll have the ability to receive coaching at any time through the program site as well as through the live Zoom calls.

What if I decide I want a 1-1 coaching call?

If you feel you need 1-1 coaching at any point during the program, you can schedule one based on availability and at the regular 1-1 coaching rate (as of the time you schedule the call).

How do I pay for the program?

Your enrollment is for 12 months and will automatically renew each year as long as the program is available.

The full 12 month subscription is paid at that time of enrollment. You can also choose a payment plan. With the payment plan, the annual subscription is paid in 4 payments: the first payment is paid upfront, then 3 payments will be auto-paid every 30 days.